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Regrow hair test – I am trying to regrow hair naturally

From an honest bald; I am doing a serious, hair loss test in order to regrow hair all naturally.

And, I am sharing the results with you on a monthly basis for the 12 months period.

So, can I regrow hair? See for yourself below.

I am not selling or promoting anything here. And, I could not care less about the hair loss treatment companies who are getting richer as we are getting balder.

Hair Test Finish Date

STATS – Regrow Hair Test

Start date: July 07, 2016 (07.07.2016)

Finish date: July 07, 2017 (07.07.2017)

Latest post: It`s been 9 months, and 2 days.

Goal: To regrow hair that I can comb (I forgot the feeling).

How: Scalp massage with natural anti DHT oil twice a day plus saw palmetto supplement.

Day 1 – July 07, 2016

July 07, 2016 hair loss, hair regrowth photo update

Click & Zoom to see the progress.

Latest postApril 08, 2017

Regrow hair photo April 8
Regrow hair. Remedies for hair loss.

Everything started on July 7 – Day 1.

Regrow hair. Fight hair loss scalp massage.

Here`s a photo after 56 days.

Regrow hair, alopecia

Latest post – April 8, 2017:

And, here some more new photos April and March.

Day 1 – Where did all the hair go?

This is the day I started the hair loss test. Oh my god, you never realize how much hair you lose over the years unless you take a scalp photo. Over time, you get accustom to it and it just becomes a part of your character. But one thing I learned from this is that persistence is the real cure for hair growth. So, I never skip the lotion or the scalp massage twice a day.

Initial reaction:

This lotion was too oily for me at the beginning. I remember saying I would never use this stuff. And, from Jul 07 to mid Aug, I did not use it properly. I skipped it often. Probably, I used it just a few times a week and mostly just once a day.

It was later in August (last week), I got excited and started using it regularly when I saw little hair coming out. Oh man, I really had to be patient with this and it is very unlike me. But the new little tiny hair convinced me to start the hair regrowth test.

Regrow hair with vitamins all naturally

Day 70 – New tiny hair

Regrow hair with vitamins and scalp massage

Day 158 – More hair

Can we actually regrow hair?

I set up this whole website just to answer that question. We see all kinds of hair treatment ads every day. Yet, they can never guarantee that you will regrow hair. And, I am so fed up with being bald and also with useless treatments bombarded to us everyday.

We are planing to go to Mars yet we still can not defeat hair loss? Sorry, but I do not accept this. And, we already know the cause; it is mostly DHT and poor blood circulation.

So far, I managed to grow some thin hair in areas where I was completely bald; front, sides, and the back too. But, I have no idea if these will turn into real thick hairs. Seems like, we will see it together. All things considered, I like the progress on my head. And, you have to take into account that I had no hair whatsoever on my bald area before the test, not even thin hairs.

Initial Hair Regrowth Test Results:

Healthy or thinning, hair does not grow fast. You do not get a pony tail in a week. What I mean is that hair has cycles it has to go through. Initially, you will only see some small hair coming out. These will fall out and new ones will come out thicker if you are using hair growth treatments. It takes time for a single hair follicle to complete its cycle. And then it starts to produce a new one.

This is also the reason why it takes too long to cure hair loss. First, they will get stronger and fall. Then, they will come out thicker. And, the resting phase takes about 3 months. After that, they will even get thicker if what you are using really works.

I am telling all these to emphasize the importance of patience. So, on a healthy head, your hair follicles do this in turns so you do not have a bald spot.  But when you have thinning hair or no hair at all, then it is a different story. It will sure take longer for you to see new thick hair. But, my goal here is to prove it to you that that hair regrowth is possible. This is the sole reason behind this test. And, I really hope it helps. You know, we do not go to the gym for a week and build crazy abs. It takes time. And, regrowing hair is just the same.

Regrow hair details. Cure for baldness.

Photo Day 80 above and Day 165 below.

Regrow hair zoom
Regrow hair and fight hair loss with vitamins and scalp massage.

Front close up on Dec 5

Peaches vs. Watermelon

It is great that I feel something when I touch to my forehead but it is hard to describe. My hand used to stick on it and it felt like a watermelon before. Now, it is peaches.

In a little less than 3 months, new shy hairs showed up. And, it looks like they belong to different heads; some short, some long, thin and thinner, like a parade.

Hair in the front slowly started to come together and they are growing a bit. And, hair at the back also got stronger.

DHT Blocks hair follicles

I have always wondered why DHT does not affect the hairs on the side and the back? Or, maybe it was planned to work as a hair wax agent to stop unwanted hair growth but then the area got miscalculated at the last minute. Maybe it was supposed to work way lower but it ended up on top of our heads as a mistake! Imagine DHT removing unwanted hair from your body! That would save a lot of time for a lot of people. Read more about DHT`s effect on baldness on the hair loss causes page.

What am I doing and Why?

  • What do I use?

I do not want mislead any one and I am not promoting or selling anything. As a result, all I can tell you is that I am doing this test with a natural hair growth lotion that includes procapil*. There are many hair regrowth products available in the market with procapil added. It is like the French version of minoxidil but botanical. In addition to the hair lotion, I also take natural biotin + saw palmetto supplement (vitamins for hair growth) every other month for 30 days period.* And, all these are effective for both men and women hair loss.

  • Why procapil?

Probably, it is the only thing left that I have not tried. But most of all, it is the newest thing and fully natural. And, I consider myself an experienced hair growth product analyzer since I have been looking for baldness cure all my life. So, when I choose something, I make sure that it is a Dht blocker. I heard about it from a friend when a hair transplant doctor advised him to use it after his procedure. First of all, “Why would anyone use a hair regrowth treatment if he already had hair transplantation?“

That made me curious. So, I read some more about it online and discovered that it was developed botanically as an alternative to current hair growth products. At first, I was skeptical because there are so many products out there which claim to prevent hair loss. So, I used it a few times and did not touch it for a month or so. Then I noticed tiny little hairs coming out and could not really believe it.

So, what I saw in the mirror persuaded me to give it a shot. Also, I started to apply scalp massage when I use the lotion and take biotin and saw palmetto, which are proven hair loss treatments that everybody knows.

What will happen when I reach to 12 months period?

  • Either, new and thick hair will emerge on my head and I will continue or
  • This will turn out as the other treatments and I will stop, boo – hoo.

(I will only post the current product name if it really regrows thick hair, otherwise it will go on the same list with the others).

PATIENCE MOTTO : We do not lose our hair overnight, so we can not grow them back in one day!

Can`t decide which product really works on hair loss?

You are not alone, because most of them don`t. Most noteworthy, paying money to false products is one thing but what is worse is that they make us lose hope.
And, growing hope is in fact harder than growing hair. Therefore, if they take our money then we should regrow hair for real, no excuses.

Why would you buy a hair treatment product if it is not going to regrow hair?

I am very experienced with available hair loss drugs out there because I used so many of them. Most did not work and only a few of them slowed the hair loss. That is not what we are looking for. We need something to bring them all back in. So, to put an end to this question, I made an intensive search with all the new available products and tried to pick the best one. And, that is what I am using with this test, real vitamins for hair growth and no gimmicks.

Also, if you want to see my comments on the other hair products I previously used then click here. If you know anything better then please submit. I will share it here.

I am not selling or promoting any treatment or drug here. I am just fighting hair loss.

It`s time that hair loss becomes a part of history! So, join me my friends. Since, I will not stop till I grow at least one single thick hair.

* Please note: Do not try this on your own. I am not promoting or selling any kind of treatment or drugs in here. Also, please note that I am not a doctor, I am just bald. You should consult a physician for any health or cosmetic issue. I am only making my experience available to you for pure entertainment. I do not guarantee any method, drug, supplement, or treatment mentioned on this website.
Regrow hair with scalp message.

Scalp massage to fight hair loss.

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