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About me

Man, I am bald and I hate it.    .. 🙁  ..    At 42, I had been struggling with hair loss since high school. That`s 20+ years of frustration. No one really knows how painful going bald is, unless he or she has it too. It is like losing a part of your body; you become someone else. Plus, it gets worse every year.

Over time, I pretty much tried so many hair products. Every time I heard something new, I tried to be objective but most of the time it was just pure hoax.

I must admit some products helped a little bit and managed to slow it down but none really did grow any thick hair in my case. And, when you try so many things, it is easy to lose hope and faith.

So, before I go and have a hair transplant or simply shave my head, I am giving one last shot to this new treatment called procapil. And also, I `m doing it online with you guys because it is really boring to wait and judge the results all by myself for a 12 month period.

Please note: Again, I am not promoting or selling anything in here. Also, please note that I am not a doctor, I am just bald. It is not my intend to suggest anything. I am just making my experience available to you for pure entertainment. You should consult a professional for any health or cosmetic issue, so I am not giving out any brand names.